Hear From People I've Helped

Being only 9 years old when my father passed my whole life was turned upside down. Not only did I struggle with my fathers death but I also had to face the reality of my non-existent relationship between my birth mother and me. I struggled with every single day, it became difficult to just wake up in the morning and find a purpose to stay on the right track. I had depression, anxiety, had a lack of love and trust for myself and others and was just simply lost in life. As I went through my teenage years I needed stability and structure, but with the bad environment at home I wasn't able to properly grow up and understand the situations I was put in.I had never had a counsellor, nor was it even an option in my area, I spent my days feeling helpless and slowly began to give up. When I met Angelina, she immediately stood out to me as thoughtful, kind, caring, empathetic and rational. Angelina immediately understood the circumstances I was in and also immediately took action. She made sure I was comfortable but she also was engaging and challenging me, which brought